Saudi citizen receives SR 29,000 traffic fines for a minor mistake

A Saudi citizen was shocked to know that he had a record of more than 50 traffic violations for which he has to pay SR 29,000 fines. He came to know about it when he visited the government agency for the renewal of some documents. 

The citizen got married to a foreign national and went for the renewal of his wife’s documents. He was told that the renewal of his wife’s document is impossible due to the non-payment of the amount of his fine.

How did he get so many violations?

In 2013, he was employed in a private company where he was also provided with a company vehicle for transportation. The company assigned him as a driver of one of its vehicles.

He left the company and returned the car. However, the company did not revoke his driving authority while the car was being driven by other drivers.

The traffic violations are committed by other drivers but it is registered in his name as he was the authorized driver of the vehicle.

The man is looking forward to the relevant authorities to help him solve his issue and make his document renewal possible.

Lesson to Learn

Keep checking your records in the Absher system for the vehicles you are authorized to drive in Saudi Arabia.

Source: Urdu News

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