Saudi Bride died in a car crash on the way to her wedding ceremony

Car accidents are considered one of the major causes of deaths in Saudi Arabia. According to the recent statistics, a car accident happens every minute on average in Saudi Arabia. More than 7,000 people lose their lives in more than 460,000 car accidents every year.

The reasons behind these accidents are drivers driving at a very fast speed and some of them just doze off. Saudi Arabia is known to have world’s longest and best road infrastructure. The roads are wide and invite the drivers to speed up.

With cities located far away and fast vehicles available, the risk is always present. Recently an 18-year-old bride faced a tragic accident on her way to her wedding. How happy the moment might be for her, but unfortunately life had some other plans for her and her family.

It was reported in Riyadh newspaper that the bride died along with several family members after their vehicle crashed. The accident took place in Al Mahd governorate on Monday.

Spokesman of Saudi Red Crescent Khaled Al Sahli said when they received a call reporting that accident, a team of first responders arrived at the place of the accident and noticed that there were four victims 2 already dead and another 2 who were seriously injured.

They were immediately transported to nearby hospitals for treatment.  Everybody was shocked and felt sad on hearing this news. This news went viral on social media and the people prayed to Allah to have mercy on their soul. This was indeed a heartbreaking news for everyone.

The National Highways have every kind of vehicles running on them. Trailers, trucks, cars, wagons and what not. The driving there seems to be easy thus the drivers sometimes relax and lose control of the vehicle resulting in fatal and deadly accidents because the speed is too much to handle.

Such accidents should be and can be avoided, for many precious lives are lost. Every life is precious. There might not be a person who has not suffered from these accidents in Saudi Arabia in one way or the other. I lost my school friend in a tragic crash back in 2012 near Jeddah.

The Saudi government is trying to improve traffic management system. They are trying to improve everything by applying Kingdom’s Traffic management system Saher.

Saher system is an automated traffic control system in Saudi Arabia. It is a well-equipped online monitoring system linked with national information center of the ministry of interior, it strongly checks the traffic flow through a satellite system.

After the introduction of Saher system the traffic accidents injuries have reduced by 20% and death caused by traffic accidents rate has decreased by 37.8 %.

The Saher system is still working to contribute to lowering the rate of traffic accidents. And it has already improved a lot. in 2016, some nine thousand people lost their lives in traffic accidents and this rate decreased in 2017.

Source: Al Riyadh

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