Saudi boy hides grandmother’s dead body in freezer

A Saudi citizen is arrested for hiding the dead body of his grandmother in his freezer. 41–years old criminal had been living with his grandmother.

The grandmother is sleeping

Whenever his relatives would call him to inquire about the well-being of the grandmother, he would tell them that she was sleeping, and thus, they did not get the opportunity to talk to the lady.

A relative decided to visit

However, one day, one of the relatives decided to meet in person and went to the residence of the lady and her grandson. To his surprise, none would open the door.

Police broke the door

His suspicion grew and he called the police. The police entered the house to find the dead one resting in the refrigerator. The police thus took action against the culprit and arrested him.

The incident took place in Rabigh, Saudi Arabia. The Rabigh Police is still investigating the case.

Source: Urdu News


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