Saudi blind photographer with great photography skills

Blind photographer? This is a phrase that the 17 years old Amjad Al Mutairi has been listening yet not giving it a worth. She was 12 when she started pursuing her passion and now has developed amazing photography skills. How does she photograph without seeing?

She uses her feelings, whatever she is attracted by her feelings she captures it.  She says that the skill does not require sight, yet the skill requires the ability to understand the beauty of the soul. The beauty does not lie in the gaze.

In her initial days, she was pushed back, her confidence was shackled, and she was made fun of, yet she remained focus on her talent. It was her cousin who helped her in the initial days, it was due to her cousin that she learned the art, and later it was her consistent motivation to learn.

Her degree of vision is less than 1, yet it is her imagination and her ability to sense beauty that makes her skill more than perfect. In a live session, she photographed Mafreh Al Shaqiqi and showcased her talent!

Source: Sabq

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