Saudi authorities seized Haram meat from a butcher shop

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Saudi authorities have seized some Haram meat from a butcher’s shop. It is Halal to eat the meat of some animals if they are slaughtered in the name of Allah.

Haram meat was seized

Saudi authorities in Bisha have recovered the meat of a dead ox that a butcher was planning to sell at his shop. The Butcher had planned to sell the meat of the dead ox to those customers who would not suspect the quality of the meat.

How is it Haram?

The animal had not been slaughtered in a halal way as per the Islamic rules, yet had died naturally. If an animal dies before the slaughter, it is Haram to eat such kind of meat in Islam, and hence it is prohibited to sell it in Saudi Arabia.

The police and the municipal authorities had sized the pickup truck which had loaded the dead ox. The associated Butchershop has also been shut down.

How did the police take action?

A citizen had been able to help police with detecting the case. He told me he was suspected of a dead animal being transported to the butcher shop.

The police came into prompt action and thereby with the help of monitoring teams had been able to seize the vehicle that was being used for the butcher. The investigation has been started against all those who were involved in this crime. A strict punishment is expected.

Source: Gulf News

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