Saudi authorities raid a Halloween party in Riyadh

Riyadh Police in Action: According to Sabq news reports, police in Saudi Arabia’s Riyadh held a raid on a private Halloween party this weekend. The party was carried out against the rules of the Kingdom and therefore the organizers were arrested.

The residents in Al Thamama neighborhood complained to police that in the late hours of the night there was loud music being played and fireworks crackling in the nearby residence. The local news sources reported that the officers reached the location and arrested the people who were celebrating the Halloween party.

All the organizers have been arrested: The Kingdom General Security in an official statement gave the reasons of the arrests saying “Riyadh police responded to reports on loud noises late on Saturday in Al Thamama neighborhood.

They arrested all those involved in organizing a party held in the area, because they had sold tickets for the unlicensed event, bothered neighbors and scared them by wearing bizarre outfits and masks”

Viral Videos: It also resulted in a trending hashtag titled “#هالوين_الرياض”. People expressed their opinion using the hashtag.  Many people criticized the individuals who organized the Halloween party while few also defended them. Looking at what masses have to say about it many different perspectives were shown.

Is this Riyadh or Las Vegas? Many Saudis were shocked about the event stating is this Riyadh or Las Vegas. It did generate the feelings of anger among many and they are asking for replies of their questions that basically what kind of people are behind this Halloween party?

Will authorities be able to punish them and shame them publicly? This event has raised a very important question in the mind of Saudis that how the organizers made this event possible without authorities finding out. How the marketing of the event was done?

Some people supported the event: They expressed their support by saying that this was all just done for fun as it was a fun night and yet again Saudi authorities used the rules to destroy the fun of their life. Few people call this interference in the privacy of the people.

They raised this point that people who made videos of the event should be ashamed of themselves as they are disrespecting the privacy of the people. People if want to celebrate something should have the liberty to do it and no one has the right to judge what is right and what is wrong for others. 

Source: Sabq

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