Saudi authorities find missing expat in critical condition

A Sudanese expat was missing due to which Saudi authorities conducted a search operation to find him.

The man, with his friends, ventured to the mountains of Al Khasra city in Riyadh. For unknown reasons, the man was left behind alone.

The search took more than 24 hours and the praise-worthy rescue teams had been able to find him, alive!

The Viral video shows that he was alive yet unconscious and critical. Thirst and exhaustion had haunted him for hours. He was about to breathe his last in despise under a tree but luckily was rescued by the rescue team members.

Water was poured on him to make him conscious and first aid was given to him to ensure recovery.

While the social media users are praising the efforts of the rescue team. This is not the first time someone has been lost in the vast deserts of Saudi Arabia.

Source: Arab News

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