Saudi Authorities close down 4 Holy Sites in Taif to avoid Biddah

Thousands of people visit Saudi Arabia to perform their religious obligations. Despite this Muslims love to visit Saudi Arabia because they intensely believe it as a Holy Land where Prophet Mohammad S.A.W was born.

There are many Holy sites and places in Saudi Arabia that are mentioned in Islamic History and have a religious impact on the visitors. People feel excited while visiting these sites that are mentioned in our Islamic History.

Some places such as Makkah, Medina, Taif and the places in these cities have a symbolic touch with Muslims because our Holy Prophet visited these place or have lived here and people think visiting such places grant them blessings from Allah.

I have seen as well as heard that many people follow Biddah during their visit to such holy places. Many people are seen kissing the walls of the Library which is built on the place where it was Prophet’s Mohammad S.A.W home once.

Similarly, the city Taif too possesses religious background like the nurse Hazrat Halima Home, the place where our Prophet spent His childhood, the two trees where Prophet Mohammad rested and the floating rock as well as the ground where people threw stones on our Prophet while he was preaching Islam.

Recently a picture went viral in which it was seen that some of the Pilgrims were kissing a tree in the village of Taif with a wrong conception.

Pondering over this point, the Emir of Makkah, Prince Khaled Al-Faisal recently visited Taif to inspect the areas and ordered his officials to remove four places immediately which are visited frequently by the pilgrims of a different nationality to seek blessings.

The four locations that are to be removed by the order of the Emir of Makkah in Bani Saad Village in the Misan area that included two trees and a rock.

Various pictures of pilgrims kissing and hugging the two trees in an urge to invoke blessings from Allah can be seen on a various social media platform.

Beside this a three-room structure where pilgrim goes to worship Allah and a piece of land sitting there for a long time to seek blessings from Allah.

It is said that such visits and practices are against Islam and the teaching of our Holy Prophet because our Holy Prophet has never thought such practices to be followed. If we commit any action or bring any innovation in our religion in an urge to invoke blessings is against our religion.

A committee was formed including the police, the municipality and the Ministry of Islamic affairs to carry out Emir’s instruction by demolishing the trees and leveling the stone.

Prince Khaled Al-Faisal also orders to form a committee comprising representatives of the police and the number of Hajj departments concerned with the Hajj services to investigate the violations.

The committee will be free to question the Umrah companies that transported the pilgrim to these areas and will be free to punish them.

Hazrat Halima was the wet nurse of Prophet Muhammad S.A.W and she took care of him in the early days of his childhood.

Source: Saudi Gazette

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