Saudi authorities arrested a female expat for stealing a car in Dammam

Women are generally not associated with this kind of acts: Can you ever expect of an expat woman doing some strange and a law-breaking deed in the Kingdom where strict laws are vigorously followed? I could never imagine an expat woman doing any criminal or wrong activity especially in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Generally, women are not treated as brave as men to tackle all the situations, they are deemed physically and mentally too weak to handle the situation after they are caught. However, to our amazement, in Dammam last week an expat woman dared to steal a car.

The first ever lady to steal a car in Saudi Arabia: A video circulated on social media which shows a man leaving his car unattended to pick something up from a store. Suddenly a woman appears in the scene who came out of a white car and fearlessly without hesitating sat in the man’s car and drove it away.

As we know that before June 2018, women were not allowed to drive in Saudi Arabia. Perhaps, she is the first ever woman who stole a car in Saudi Arabia. Many thought that it was some fake or movie scene but the fact is that it really happened in Dammam.

It seems like a movie scene but it is not a movie scene, it was the real incident that was caught on surveillance camera and the clip was posted on Saudi Twitter that sparked quite a controversy.

As soon as the video went viral, the Saudi authorities in Eastern Province started to search for the thieves. They took an immediate action to arrest the woman who stole the car and after a week they were able to arrest the suspects.

Expat woman was arrested immediately: General Mohammad bin Fahed al Duraihim, the official spokesman for the Police Department said the two suspects, an expat woman, and an expat man have been arrested in this case and both the defendants confessed their theft during interrogation. Now, they have been transferred to the public prosecution.

The news of their arrest relieved the Saudi public. They hailed the authorities. Some people also believed that the owner of the car should be partially blamed for the incident because he made it easy for them to steal his car.

SR 100 fine for leaving the car with the running engine: It is always advisable to turn off the engine of the car when you get out of it.  Saudi authorities have also announced that SR100-150 fine will be imposed on the motorist who leave their vehicle with the engine running.

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