Saudi asked to shave-off his beard to get an attractive job in Jazan

Having a beard is a personal choice that has no harm on anybody else. While applying for a job, Muslims often are demanded to shave off their beard! But why is that so? Does a beard pose harm to others? Do a beard lower downs one’s work efficiency and output? Well, certainly not!

Then why do employers demand to shave off a beard especially from Muslim employees? Ahmed Ali Al-Kaabi is a recent victim of the above-mentioned dilemma. He is a young Saudi national who applied for a job at High Institute for Hospitality and Tourism in Jazan.[irp]

The young boy complied for the job, yet was refused for it as he had a beard! His employer asked him to shave off his beard if he wanted the job with lucrative perks and benefits or otherwise, he would be clearly rejected!

Al Kaabi qualified for the job but faced rejection because of his beard. He did not remain silent on this unjust and discriminating behavior. He took this to social media where unexpectedly many supported him. Al Kaabi made a video in which he disclosed that he faced job rejection because of his beard.

He also told that his employer was an Arab national who asked him to shave off his beard if he wishes to get the job. He swore upon Allah Almighty that his Arab employer has asked him to shave off his beard for sake of the job. People started a Twitter campaign to support him with a hashtag #اللحية_تمنع_توظيف_شاب

So much so that the Technical Vocational Training Corporation’s (TVTC) governor, Ahmed Al Fihaid, got alert. He dug the matter and ordered a quick investigation upon Al Kaabi rejection. He wanted to know the reasons behind Al Kaabi’s disqualification for the job.

The spokesperson of TVTC, Fahd Al-Otaibi, assured that in an immediate inquiry on the very matter was initiated on governor’s order. He told that the governor asked the concerned authorities to brief him upon the matter as soon as possible.

The labor office in Jazan opened up an inquiry into the matter as the people on social media had been demanding punishment of the Arab employer for posting such a demand. Later Al Kaabi was called in by the director of the institute. He told Al Kaabi that he had been selected for the job.

Yet the young dignified Saudi rejected the job offer. He revealed that he told the world about this just for the sake of dignity. He wanted the world to know that he was rejected a job by an Arab employer only because of his beard.  He is one of the victims among many.

Many people are rejected for a job just because they have a beard, especially Muslim men belonging from Arab countries. Why is that so? Why don’t people let Muslim men follow Sunnah? Al Kaabi assured that he would stand for all such victims and would take the matter to the court and won’t sit quietly until his Arab employer is punished.

Source: Saudi Gazette


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