Saudi arrested for sexually harassing a domestic worker in a video

Recently a couple of arrests were made in the name of sexual abuse and harassment of housemaids by the house owners in different parts of Saudi Arabia including an Egyptian person.

A Viral Video

The arrests came in after the videos of their hideous acts went viral on the social media, playing a vital role not only to unmask them but also proving them guilty. Similarly, one more video went viral recently in which a man is seen harassing a housemaid.

In the video, it can be seen clearly that Al-Zaharani is trying to grab hold of the sensitive parts of the housemaid forcefully and recording it for some other purposes.

The culprit has been arrested

According to a news, the arrest came within hours of the video went viral, posted on Wednesday. As soon as the video went viral, an outrage broke on social media especially twitter bashing the act of the person named Al-Zaharani and asking the authorities to take immediate action against him, which they did.

Saudi Law Enforcing Agencies are to be praised here, rightfully. They take immediate action against the culprits even though the video comes online and on social media.

The Riyadh police took Al-Zaharani, the culprit seen in the video, in custody and he is being interrogated. Citizens of Saudi Arabia are demanding justice and strict punishment against the person.

The Public reaction

Many people on twitter are saying that such people are a disgrace to the nation. Yes, indeed, such people make the nation look bad as a whole. The maid is a foreigner, looks like of Asian ethnicity, and is being forced into having sex.

The attempt to rape and rape is an act of disgrace and brutality. A Dubai based activist told a news agency that such is not the first of such cases, there are hundreds of them which go unreported.

Domestic workers are vulnerable

Domestic workers are, unfortunately, most vulnerable and soft targets when it comes to harassment for they are helpless and far away from their homes. They should get proper and equal rights of the labor, a friendly environment even inside the homes.

It is correct that the government cannot interfere or keep an eye on each individual as to what he or she is doing within their premises but strict laws and punishment to such sick minded criminals will sure put a fear in the hearts and minds of the people who are doing it or plan to do it in near future.

Source: Sabq

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