Saudi arrested for sending dirty messages to his ex-wife

A Saudi wife filed a case in the court claiming that her ex-husband has been sending her inappropriate messages and pictures via a messaging application.

They were separated 5 years ago

They had been separated for 5 years yet the ex-husband had been harassing her since then. The lady said that she had been tolerating such behavior for 5 years and warned her ex-husband multiple times but there had been nothing that could stop him.

Finally, she filed a case against her ex-husband claiming that he had been harassing her through inappropriate pictures and messages. The court had found the ex-husband guilty of cyber harassment.

Saudi Husband accepted his mistake

In a statement, the ex-husband accepted his crime and added that he did all this to start a new relationship with his ex-wife as he wants to remarry her so that their children would not suffer.

The lawyer added that such inappropriate practices are part of society and the women have the right to file suit against such cyber-harassment. As the couple has been divorced, they are strangers to each other, and thereby such actions are inappropriate.

Saudi Husband has been jailed

On this, the court has given a jail sentence of 1 month and has given the right to challenge the decision within a month.

The lawyer said that such acts can get the criminal behind the bars for as long as 5 years along with a fine. However, it was a matter of family reunion thereby the jail sentence has been restricted.

Source: Urdu News

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