Saudi arrested for insulting working women

Recently a video went viral of a Saudi man insulting a working Saudi Woman. Looking on to the matter, the authorities issued the order to arrest the man involved in offending the working Saudi Women.

Under article 15 and 17 of the Saudi Law of Criminal Procedure, the convicted man is liable to imprisonment.

The Saudi man involved in this crime used insulting and offensive language against the woman. He disparaged the woman and criticized her for being out to work, saying that she has done everything against the public morals and should not be empowered as it is against their values.

Luckily this heinous act was captured in the video and due to social media platforms, the video got viral and reached the concerned authorities. In the video, it was seen that the men said, “Woman should stay at home.”

In a statement regarding the recent incident, the Public Prosecution has indicated that they are following the matter and have assured that they will continue to look after the issues which involve the respectability and dignity of women.

They will ensure that anything which is against the rights of women, that are promised by the Saudi law, they will take prompt action against such things and would provide them justice.

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