Saudi arrested for abusing and insulting Allah

Saudi authorities have been able to arrest the man who abused and insulted Allah ﷻ in a video.

A video clip of Jassar Al Wadai’i caused anger among the Saudis who demanded his immediate arrest. The hashtag “#نطالب_بالقبض_علي_جسار_الوادعي” was trending on Twitter.

It was within a few hours that the Saudi Authorities were able to arrest the person behind the video.

Saudi authorities clarified that the arrest of the citizen has taken place. The citizen was found guilty of insulting Allah Almighty. He was arrested by the police of Dhahran Al Janoub governorate of the Asir region.

The Saudi Public Security also assured that legal measures have been taken against him and that he has been referred to the concerned authorities.

While the reasons behind his acts are unknown, General Security says that he suffers from psychological disorders.

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