10 traditional food dishes in Saudi Arabia

The food of Saudi Arabia is delicious and tempting. Those who eat Saudi cuisine once always desire to eat it again, especially the national dish of Saudi Arabia. That is why Saudi Arabian traditional food recipes are so in demand.

  1. Mandi / مندي

Mandi is the most famous Saudi Arabian dish that is too tasty to be missed. Mandi is a ubiquitous dish served on almost every happy occasion, whether a marriage or a celebration in the office. It is a must-try dish!

If you want a guide to prepare this tasty Saudi Arabian food dish at home, here is a guide for making Mandi home. Redan restaurant offers a genuine Mandi taste. 

Mandi / مندي - the tastiest Saudi Arabian food

  1. Kabsa كبسه – the national dish of Saudi Arabia

Kabsa is another Saudi Arabian traditional food dish made of rice. This dish is made with a combination of rice, meat, vegetables, and spices! Sounds great. It tastes even greater! 

Many people are unaware of the fact that Saudi Kabsah is the national dish of Saudi Arabia. Well, only after eating it will you realize why it has been adopted as the national food of Saudi Arabia.

Kabsa كبسه - the national dish of Saudi Arabia

  1. Ruz Bukhari / رز البخاري

Bukhari Rice, also known as Ruz al Bukhari, is of Afghani origin. It is a standard, tasty, and traditional food that can easily be found in any Saudi restaurant! Undoubtedly, it is the most-eaten Saudi Arabian cuisine.

Some people confuse it with the national dish of Saudi Arabia. However, there is a vast difference between the two.

This rice dish is served with the roast chicken. Yet it is equally impressive if served with the spicy tomato sauce, chopped fresh salad, and assembled with fried potato cubes. Grab a plate of Roz Bukhari whenever you visit SA! Soon, we shall publish the Saudi Arabian food recipe for making Roz Bukhari.

Ruz Bukhari / رز البخاري - the most eaten Saudi food

  1. Mutabbaq / مطبّق

Mutabbaq is another traditional food of Saudi Arabia that is a favorite of Saudis! This Saudi Arabian food has not only gained popularity in the south of Saudi Arabia, but it is now being served with great zeal and zest in Yemen, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Brunei, and Thailand.

Mutabbaq is a dish rich in taste and ingredients. It is made through combinations of the Kabsa, Jereesh, and Gursan. It can be an appetizer, side meal, or snack. And believe me, choosing it as an option is excellent!

Mutabbaq / مطبّق - well known Saudi Arabia food

  1. Ferek

A plate filled with Ferek in winter is all you would want once you try it! It is indeed a perfect Saudi Arabian Cuisine winter treat!  It is made of brown onion paste added with spices and sweet.  Due to the addition of spices, it holds a great taste and is not as sweet as Hainini.


  1. Saleek / سليق

Saleek is another specialty of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. It is a Saudi Arabian food dish one can never resist and can never get bored of!

This Saudi Arabian Cuisine contains rich ingredients like whole chicken, ginger, garlic, salt, pepper, red chili, paprika cumin, and coriander powder. If you haven’t tried Saleek, you do not know what great and tasty food tastes and looks like!

Saleek / سليق

  1. Jereesh / جريش

Jereesh is also pronounced as Harees. This Saudi Arabian food dish is one of the best dishes in Saudi Arabia and is the favorite dish of most people in Saudi Arabia.

The rich-in-taste Saudi Arabian Cuisine is prepared with a combination of boiled and cracked or coarsely ground wheat that is finely mixed with meat.

The Arabian countries of the Persian Gulf consume it heavily in the month of Ramadan. There are varieties of cooking methods for Harees which are equally tasty. Try to serve the Harees, which are beautifully decorated with parsley.

Jereesh / جريش

  1. Arekah

Arekah is a typical dish among Saudis widely consumed in Saudi breakfast. It is a healthy and delicious Saudi Arabian food item prepared to strengthen people during difficult days. Now, the dish has become one of the most favorite dishes of Saudi Arabia.

This Saudi Arabian Cuisine is very much in demand among the people in the breakfast meal. The dish originated in southern Arabia yet is now consumed throughout the kingdom. Not only is its name interesting, but it would be a perfect treat to have a platter of Arekah!

Jereesh / جريش

  1. Margoog / مرقوق

Margoog is another tasty and famous Saudi Arabian food. The dish has a soup texture containing meat complemented with vegetables and a specific flour paste.

The flour used is made out of wheat grains. This Saudi Arabian Cuisine is extremely healthy as it has many dietary fibers and vitamins! It is indeed a healthy delight! It is a traditional food item from the Najd region of Saudi Arabia.

Margoog / مرقوق

  1. Mofatah

Mofatah is one of the tastiest and most favorite dishes in Saudi Arabia. The dish is made out of sheep. As it is difficult to make at home, this Saudi Arabian Cuisine is served with great pride on special occasions and events!

As the dish is in great demand, now some of the restaurants do offer the service of cooking this dish for the people on a provision of sheep by the one who orders its cooking.


  1. Maqluba / مقلوبة

Maqluba has now become one of the most famous Saudi Arabiaى foods and places around. The dish has gained popularity in countries like Syria, Palestine, and Lebanon. The dish is a traditional dish that originated in the Levant.

This Saudi Arabian Cuisine is made out of a combination of meat and rice complemented with fried vegetables beautifully placed in a pot. The meat of chicken and lamb is used for its preparation while it is served with tomatoes, potatoes, cauliflower, and eggplant.

Maqluba / مقلوبة

  1. Shakshouka / شكشوكة – a famous Saudi cuisine

Shakshouka, alternatively known as shakshuka, is another traditional and famous Saudi Arabian food dish. The essential ingredient of the dish is an egg. The eggs are poached in a sauce of tomatoes, chili peppers, and onions to give them a great and new taste.

Also, to add more flavors, artichoke hearts, potatoes, and broad beans are added to the dish. The dish is quite famous among the Middle Eastern countries and the Maghreb.

Shakshouka / شكشوكة

  1. Mahela

Quiet heard of Mahela in Saudi Arabia? Mahela is one of the most famous Saudi Arabian dishes. This dish has now gained popularity in Syria, Palestine, and Lebanon.

The dish is popular at home parties, significant events, and even weddings! It would take an hour to make out a delicious platter of Mahela. Make sure to add spices. Mahela is incomplete without spices!


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