Saudi Arabia will not allow alcohol to attract tourists

Princess Haifa Bint Mohammed, who is the Assistant Minister of Tourism of Saudi Arabia has clearly told that no laws regarding alcohol will be amended to attract tourists.

She was asked a question regarding intruding the alcohol for the sake of tourism in the country. The question targeted offering alcohol at destinations such as NEOM.

She replied that Saudi Arabia is very transparent about its position. King Salman has also made it clear about their position and ruling over alcohol serving in the country.

She said the brief answer is that the country will stick by the current laws. Thus, crushing all speculations about introducing alcohol in the country.

She also pointed out that the country is doing great in tourism. It is able to attract tourists from different parts of the globe.

She also stated that Saudi Arabia has been able to outperform globally in tourism with whatever they are currently offering. She remarked that there is a lot to go around without introducing anything new.

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