Saudi Arabia to legalize abortion

The Medical Shariah Advisory Committee affiliated with the General Presidency of Scholarly Research and Ifta held a meeting to discuss the possibility of legalizing abortion in Saudi Arabia under certain conditions.

Conditions to legalize abortion

Saudi Arabia is considering legalizing abortion if both of the following conditions are met;

1- When the fetus has been inflicted with hereditary diseases and genetic disorders in a way that can affect their lives in the long run after their birth. These children can go through permanent mental and/or physical disabilities. This would also require them to be catered to medically throughout their lives.

2- The genetic abnormalities have been diagnosed in the first month of pregnancy, before the ensoulment. It is important to note that before the ensoulment, there is no soul in the fetus.

Current Rules for Abortion

As per the current rules in Saudi Arabia, abortion is only allowed if the life of the mother is in danger due to the delivery of the child. 

The way to approval

After the scientific and religious in-depth study with the help of scholars, doctors, and specialists, the committee makes recommendations and sends them to Grand Mufti for further guidance.

It is then presented to the Permanent Committee for Scholarly Research and Ifta or the Council of Senior Scholars.

Source: Saudi Gazette

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