Saudi Arabia to launch an alternate to WhatsApp

A Saudi university is working on launching a safe national platform as an alternative to WhatsApp for better security and control. On this new national platform people would be able to;

  • Communicate and work together in a secure virtual environment.
  • Exchange files.
  • Conduct text and voice conversations.

When is it going to be launched?

The national platform is built by the Saudi researchers in King Abdulaziz City for Science and Technology (KACST) and it will be launched within this year.

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How is it safer than WhatsApp?

Most commercial products such as WhatsApp save data in external servers and are controlled by foreign agencies which raise the risk of leaking confidential information.

However, this platform aims to eliminate the risks of storing confidential and sensitive information and files on servers outside the Kingdom and protecting them as required.

Who will be its users?

Currently, they are targeting government agencies, institutions, and companies, and not the average user. The platform can also be installed on several types of systems and devices, including desktop computers running on Windows and smart phones with various operating systems available.

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