Saudi Arabia to be the largest centers of tourism by 2030

 The Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region has long been considered the cradle of Western and Arab civilization and is the home of many of the world’s major religions, and for this reason, the region is rich in heritage sites that serve as major tourist attractions and symbols of national, cultural and religious identity. Time is highly contested and has even become a target of terrorism, creating a situation that has brought significant challenges to heritage management and sustainable tourism development.

Many of the region’s countless cultural sites are threatened, in some cases by overuse, in others by neglect, often simply because of the pressures of economic development.

The industry of tourism in the MENA region has been strongly able to recover, and even recovered over the past year, against this background, many tourism ministers in the region especially in Saudi Arabia and representatives of the private sector focused on future tourism prospects and Tourism development in the Middle East and North Africa.

Vaccination campaign

Riyadh is accelerating a nationwide vaccination campaign as it moves to revitalize sports and entertainment events and affected sectors that form the cornerstone of the “Vision 2030” program to diversify its economy.

In May, the government allowed citizens to travel outside the country after it lifted the ban on foreign trips, and the kingdom also said that from August 1, vaccinations will be mandatory for entering government and private institutions, including educational institutions and places of entertainment as well as the use of public transportation.

Mega tourism projects worth $810 billion are underway in Saudi Arabia

The large investments of more than $810 billion approved by the Saudi authorities in mega-projects in the mega tourism sector in all the Kingdom between now and 2030 are likely to result in the structural change of Saudi Arabia to become one of the most distinguished countries in the leisure tourism sector in the world, which leads To the recovery of the aviation sector in the Kingdom and the facilitation of domestic aviation, especially flights from Jeddah to Riyadh and other major cities, as it will become a bright entertainment spot in the Middle East and North Africa.

These projects include the giant NEOM tourism project, which costs about $500 billion and is one of the first tourism projects in the Kingdom, which differs fundamentally and intellectually from the usual tourism projects, followed by the Qiddiya project in Riyadh at a cost of up to 10 billion dollars and is located on an area of ​​334 Square kilometers.

The Riviera or Amala project comes in third place and is located in the north of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and extends over an area of ​​​​an estimated 3800 square kilometers, in the fourth place is the project of developing islands located in the waters of the Red Sea, extending over a total area estimated at 34,000 square kilometers. Once completed, it will provide a sustainable city Huge and futuristic.

According to the report of the General Investment Authority, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is looking to double its investments in the entertainment sector from 2.9% at the present time to reach 6% by 2030, which will increase the recovery of the transportation sector, especially the companies of car rental in Saudi Arabia and flights.

It seems that the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is seeking to change its tourist destination, especially since it has enough plans and human and material capabilities to make it one of the strongest tourist attractions planned over the next few years, and it is working seriously and uniquely in the entertainment and tourism sector, which is achieving growth soon.

It is clear that the Vision 2030 program developed by Crown Prince “Mohammed bin Salman” will transform the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia economically, as it is moving towards abandoning dependence on traditional sources of income, which is oil, by diversifying its sources of income, as it is working to change its economic, tourism and commercial activity, and this will have Its effects are clear not only on Saudi Arabia, but on the entire Middle East region, and on the other hand, the improvement of conditions in relation to the Coronavirus crisis that the world has experienced will provide great opportunities for investment and further development in the tourism sector.

The Saudi Commission for Tourism and National Heritage (SCTH) said that the mega tourism projects being developed by the Public Investment Fund may cost more than 810 billion dollars, and will extend over an area of ​​more than 64,634 square kilometers.

In addition, there will be high interest in developing museums and Saudi national heritage throughout the Kingdom, and the Saudi Commission for Tourism and National Heritage said it will be keen to preserve the heritage with a budget that may cost about $1.3 billion.

Tourism will contribute significantly to the national income

Expectations indicate that the development of tourism and work to develop it will contribute strongly to the GDP. The General Authority for Tourism stated that tourism revenues rose in 2017 to reach more than 190 billion Saudi riyals (equivalent to 51 billion dollars), and in 2018 they rose to More than 210 billion Saudi riyals (equivalent to 56 billion dollars)

She added that in 2017, the Kingdom’s tourism sector attracted $28.6 billion, more than six times the global average for tourism capital investments.

It will create tremendous opportunities for all players in the field of tourism attractions and we can count on an exciting future for this industry in the MENA region.

According to reports published by the Saudi General Investment Authority, the Kingdom wants to raise investment rates in entertainment venues to 6% from 2.9% on an annual basis. The report indicated that in 2017, the Kingdom invested about 170 billion Saudi riyals (equivalent to 28.6 billion Saudi riyals). dollars in the leisure tourism sector, more than six times the global average for investment in the tourism sector.

The leisure attractions industry in the MENA region is upbeat and full of new opportunities emerging in Saudi Arabia. Huge opportunities for the tourism and entertainment industry are being created through an investment of more than $1 trillion in the Saudi economy between now and 2030.

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia invites all stakeholders in the entertainment industry, whether suppliers or operators, to explore these opportunities and ensure how they can play a leading role in helping the Kingdom develop its entertainment facilities in the next decade.

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