Saudi Arabia resumes international flights with protocols

The Saudi government has lifted the suspension on international flights and opened its borders for travelers through its air, land, and seaports starting from Jan 3, 11:00 am. However, certain protocols to be followed.

Non-Saudis entering from the UK and South Africa

Non-Saudi citizens coming from the UK and South Africa will have to spend 14 days outside these countries before coming to Saudi Arabia.

  • These are the countries with a high number of new coronavirus cases.
  • The Ministry of Health may add more countries to this list.
  • The travelers would be required to get a PCR before entering KSA.

Saudis entering from the UK and South Africa

Saudi citizens who are allowed to enter Saudi Arabia on humanitarian or essential cases must quarantine at home for 14 days “under supervision,” if they are coming from the UK or South Africa. They will be required to take 2 PCR tests;

  • 1st PCR test after 48 hours of entering Saudi Arabia.
  • 2nd PCR test after the quarantine period ends.

Entry from countries with new COVID-19 cases

Saudi and Non-Saudi citizens coming from Pakistan, India, the Philippines, or any other country (except the UK and South Africa) where even a single new coronavirus case has been detected shall;

Entry from countries without new COVID-19 cases

Travelers coming from those countries where no case of new coronavirus is detected have two options;

Flights from India to Saudi Arabia

Unfortunately, people who have been to India in the last 14 days are still not allowed to enter Saudi Arabia according to another circular of GACA.

Therefore, the only option for them is to go to another country where the coronavirus situation is better and then enter Saudi Arabia with negative PCR and follow the above-mentioned quarantine.

Once the GA Circular restricting entry from India is taken back, they would be able to enter Saudi Arabia just like any other country.

Source: SPA

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