Saudi Arabia opens its airspace for Israel

Saudi Arabia has announced that it will open its airspace to all airline carriers including Israel.

It means that the flight coming from and going to Israel would be able to use Saudi airspace. However, it does not mean that there will be flights between the two countries.

GACA Statement

GACA says that Saudi Airspace is open for overflights for all carriers who meet the requirements, thus no discrimination can be made against civil aircraft. This will help Saudi Arabia to connect to the three continents and thus making it a global hub. 

Saudi-Israel relations

Saudi Arabia and Israel do not have any official ties. Saudi Foreign Minister made a statement earlier that Saudi Arabia will not accept Israel until a just settlement is made between Palestine and Israel.

first flight from the UAE to Israel using Saudi airspace
first flight from the UAE to Israel using Saudi airspace

Saudi-Palestinian relations

Saudi Arabia’s deputy permanent representative to the United Nations clarified that the firm and continuous support to Palestine will not be affected by this particular decision.

The airspace has been opened up as it was a necessary obligation of the country. This will not affect the stance the country has for free and independent Palestine. He assured us that Saudi Arabia will stand with the people of Palestine.

Appreciation by the U.S

U.S. President Biden has appreciated the Kingdom’s effort and was the first US president to directly land in Saudi Arabia from Israel. The decision was made by Saudi Arabia a few days before his arrival.

Source: GACA

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