Is Saudi Arabia moving to Sat-Sunday weekend?

In most countries, Saturday and Sunday are weekends; people in Saudi Arabia enjoy Friday and Saturday as weekends. Is Saudi Arabia moving to Sat-Sunday weekend?

History of Weekends in KSA

Since 1974, Saudi Arabia has enjoyed the weekend of Thursday and Friday until 2013.

In June 2013, King Abdullah (Late) changed the weekend days to Friday and Saturday, bringing it closer to the international weekend.

Why Sat-Sunday weekend?

Favor: People in favor of Saturday-Sunday weekend in Saudi Arabia argue that

1- Saudi Arabia should align its market schedule with the global markets to promote uniformity and harmony.

2- It ensures smooth monetary, exchange, and financial transactions with the rest of the world.

3- Working with more grounded global business connections and valuable opportunities for thousands of Saudi-based and international companies.

4- The new rule aligns the financial sector with global traders, facilitating communication-based transactions that drive international finance.

Is Saudi Arabia moving to Sat-Sunday weekend?

Oppose: Those who oppose it say that it will only affect the working hours and they will be reduced.

Meanwhile, neutral people assume that changing days will make no difference to them.

UAE Weekend Days

The UAE shifted its weekend from Friday-Saturday to Saturday-Sunday, effective January 2022.

Is KSA going to change the weekend?

The UAE has already set a prime example of the advantages to be gained from this shift. It is time for Saudi Arabia to do the same and reap the opportunities and benefits of synchronization with the international calendar.

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