Saudi Arabia lifts curfew in all regions

No more curfew in Saudi Arabia

The Saudi government has lifted the curfew and allowed all business and commercial activities to operate in all regions of the Kingdom starting from 6:00 am June 21 with the following terms and conditions;

  1. Emphasizing the full commitment to implement all approved preventive protocols for all activities.
  2. Commitment to social distancing and wearing masks, or covering the nose and mouth of everyone
  3. Human gatherings should not exceed (50) people as a maximum.

Men barber shops, women beauty salons, gyms, and sports clubs will also start operations from June 21.

Umrah Performance

Umrah will continue to remain suspended until further notice.

International Flights

The international flights, as well as entry and exit across land and sea borders, will continue to remain suspended until further notice.

Heavy fines

People and organizations that do not follow the COVID-19 precautionary measures will be fined heavily.

Source: SPA

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