Saudi Arabia launches ‘Visiting investor’ e-visa

Saudi Arabia has launched a business visit e-visa named ‘visiting investor’ in cooperation with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Purpose of the Visa

The Ministry of Investment has taken this initiative to improve and facilitate foreign investments and foreign investors’ trips to Saudi Arabia. This will help them explore investment opportunities in Saudi Arabia by personally visiting the country.

Saudi Arabia launches ‘Visiting investor’ e-visa

How to Apply?

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs also briefed on the method of obtaining visa services. It told that the particular visa services can be obtained by applying for business visit visas through the unified platforms of visas. However, the process is now simpler and electronic.

Visa Processing Time

Once the application is processed, the visa is instantly issued before it is sent to the investor through e-mail. 

Eligibility Criteria

In the first phase, the beneficiaries will be the investors who are citizens of multiple countries. In the second phase, the beneficiaries will be the citizens of the other countries.

This new visa service is following the Saudi Vision 2030. The ministry noted that the new visa services will be able to attract competitive investments in the Kingdom.

Source: Saudi Gazette

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