Saudi Arabia finally starts issuing Tourist Visas for tourists all around the World

Saudi Arabia is a great place. It is such a different and unique place. Its land structures, buildings, culture and scenic beauty are amazingly different and great. People around the world wish to visit Saudi Arabia for tourism purposes. 

The great news for all the tourists is that it has been published in the Arab News that Travel Agencies which are in category D have been allowed to issue tourist visas. The Saudi Commission for Tourism and National Heritage (SCTH) in Jeddah has issued the first license allowing a travel agency in category D to issue such visas.[irp]

Moreover, all the travel companies which are in category A,B,C,D are also allowed to sell the tickets through various means of transportation. They would also be able to sell complete packages to visit different areas of the Kingdom.

A few months ago, Saudi government also announced that they are working on a solution to Convert Umrah Visa into Tourist Visa.

Tourism is a great source of revenue. Many countries have realized the importance of the sector and have taken possible steps to attract tourists to their countries. Even though we realized later, but you know, it’s never too late! Tourists now can gain their tourists visas for Saudi Arabia from genuine and certified tourist’s companies.

Like many other reforms taking place in Saudi Arabia, this is one of the great reforms. Such a step can boost up the economy. Studies reveal that some countries’ economies heavily rely on revenues generated through tourism.

These countries get their preparations done before tourist season starts. They know that if more tourists are attracted, more is the benefit for the economy.

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has major tourist attractions. There are people out there wanting to visit the unique places of Saudi Arabia. Some desire to experience the culture, some want to visit the historic places while some want to enjoy the mountains, sand dunes, marine life, and forests.

Saudi Arabia is quite famous for possessing great archaeology and heritage. With the provision of tourists visas, many can live their dream now!

Saudis can also benefit from the tourist's sector. As the sector would be untapped, it will open up job avenues for many.  With the tourist visas availability, people around the world would come to visit the different parts of Saudi Arabia.

There are some very fine beaches in Saudi Arabia, such as the beaches of Hanqel, Yanbu, Sharma, Beesh, and Forsan. There are beautiful sand dunes around the country.

The Red Sea is a beauty on its own. The marine life there is beautiful. Also, the coral reefs found there are unique. The Red sea shall attract more tourists if we initiate Scuba Diving there. So yes, we also need to start up some preparations to attract tourists.

The southern areas of Saudi Arabia are not inferior either.  The culture, tradition, and heritage of the south can mesmerize anyone. Also, the moderate climate around the year is the best part! There are some major tourist’s sites, resorts and much more waiting for tourists since long.

Like I said we need to get prepared now. This is not only a task for the government, the private sector shall also participate. The investments shall be undertaken wisely. This is the time when we can tell the world what we really are.

We need to create our image and that has to be a great one. Tourists shall be facilitated with great sites so that our tourism sector can flourish.

Source: Arab News

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Steve has been living in Saudi Arabia since 2013 and writing about Saudi rules, regulations, guides, and procedures since then.