Saudi Arabia has granted citizenship to 50,000 expats

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has taken measures to provide citizenship to nearly 50,000 displaced people. This statement was highlighted by the Deputy President of the Saudi Human Rights Commission during the 70th session of the Executive committee of the UN High Commissioner’s Refugee Program in Geneva.

Saudi Citizenship to 50,000 people

During his speech at UN High Commissioner’s Program, he made clear that Saudi Arabia has recently granted citizenship to more than 50,000 people along with their families and the government has also issued ID to more than 800,000 people.

The following people were displaced from their country and moved to the Kingdom during the social, economic or political turmoil in their country. During the turmoil the family planned to move to the Kingdom and get settled here.

Saudi Iqama for 800,000 people

He further highlighted that the Identity was provided to nearly 800,000 people who were living in the Kingdom without having proper documents and this will help them to move freely in the Kingdom, get proper education, healthcare and work in the Kingdom. Such people are also exempted from all the fees and fines.

Moreover, the Laws in the Kingdom grant citizenship for any child born in the Kingdom of unknown parents, he said. Abdul Aziz al Khayal also stressed upon the fact that some important measures have been taken in the kingdom to provide such people with all the necessities of a decent life while ensuring the basic rights of such people.

Besides this, in accordance with the humanitarian principles issued by all the international conventions and treaties, the Kingdom is keen to provide aid and relief to the needy people. Saudi Arabia stands at third place among the world countries in the volume of relief humanitarian and development aid. It has been playing an important humanitarian role in supporting all the humanitarian issues around the globe.

A large portion of assistance has also been assigned by the Kingdom to the refugees who have suffered and are suffering from the war and natural disaster in their areas.

18$ billion for the refugees of Syria

Nearly $18 billion have already been provided by the Kingdom to ease the sufferings of Syrian refugees which is being caused by their replacement in Jordan, Lebanon, Greece, and Turkey.

Furthermore, he said that the Kingdom is extensively witnessing many changes and development within the framework of the implementation of the Saudi Vision 2030 under the leadership of Crown Prince Mohammad Bin Salman.

In the end, Al Khayal thanked the UNHCR for playing a significant role in protecting the refugees and also appreciated their efforts for showing keenness in promoting and protecting human rights.  

Source: Saudi Gazette

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