Do expats need COVID-19 vaccine to travel?

Saudi Arabia has decided to resume international travel and lift the travel ban on Saudis who are either vaccinated or recovered from coronavirus.  Many people are asking if expats also need COVID-19 vaccination to travel out of Saudi Arabia?

Do expats need the COVID-19 vaccine to travel?

It seems that the Saudi government is giving preferential treatment to expats over Saudis.

1 – Expats are allowed to travel out of Saudi Arabia since the beginning while Saudis have been given permission now.

2 – Expats coming from 20 countries need to quarantine for 14 days in another country to enter Saudi Arabia and the same rule applies to Saudis.

3 – Expats do not need the COVID-19 vaccine to travel out of Saudi Arabia while Saudis need it.

4 – Expat children do not need travel insurance covering coronavirus treatment to leave Saudi Arabia while Saudis need it.

5 – Expats need a coronavirus negative PCR test to board on a flight to Saudi Arabia and Saudis also need it.

5 categories of Saudis who are allowed to travel

1 – Saudis who have received two doses of coronavirus vaccine.

2 – Saudis who have received one dose of coronavirus at least 14 days ago.

3 – Saudis who have recovered from coronavirus in the preceding 6 months.

4 – Saudis under the age of 18 years provided that they have secured travel insurance that covers them from coronavirus. They will have to quarantine for 7 days followed by a negative PCR test.

5 – Saudi children under the age of 8 can also travel with travel insurance. However, they would not be required to go through a coronavirus test after entering back Saudi Arabia. 

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