MOL plans to groom Saudis to replace expats in private sector

Saudi Arabia, under Vision 2020 has been taking radical steps for protecting the employment rights of its citizens.

The statistics reveal that Saudi Arabia has a population of 34.8 million. Out of this, 10.5 million are expats. The exact figures of expat being employed in Saudi Arabia haven’t been made official.

Under King Salman’s Vision 2020, it was ensured that the Saudi Citizens would be given priority to get employed.

Agreement between the MOL and Marketing Association

According to the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Development, a pact has been sealed by the Human Resources Development Fund and the Marketing Association to groom the Saudi citizens for employment and then replace them with the expats in the private sector.

Accordingly, the officials have agreed upon ensuring upgrading of the skill of local citizens to make them competitive for work so that they would replace the expats in the job market without affecting the work efficiency.

The skills of the locals need to be polished and their professional standards are to be enhanced.

The collaboration with training agencies

For this, there is a collaboration among the Ministry of Human Resources, Social Development, and training agencies. The former two would be studying and analyzing the marketing scene and the later one would be setting the training courses to meet the professional goals.

Also, the Human Resources Development Fund would get engage in holding employment fairs so that the private sector be able to achieve the employment goals.

The three departments are working in collaboration under joint workshops to ensure that the goal is achieved in an inconsiderable amount of time.

Source: Saudi Gazette

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