Saudi Arabia extends entry ban for another week

On the recommendations of the Ministry of Health about the spread of a new strain of coronavirus (Covid-19) in a number of countries, Saudi Arabia has decided to extend the entry ban in Saudi Arabia.

1 – Saudi Arabia has suspended all international flights for another week with a few exceptions explained below.

2 – Saudi Arabia has extended the shutdown of all land and seaports temporarily for a period of one more week.

3 – Foreign airlines are permitted to carry Non-Saudi passengers outside Saudi Arabia taking into account precautionary measures to prevent the spread of COVID19.

4 – The crew members of the foreign airlines are not permitted to leave the airplane or physically contact the ground/operation staff of any of the airports of Saudi Arabia.

5 – The decision is not applicable to the countries where the new strain of COVID-19 has appeared. It means that the foreign airlines are not permitted to take passengers out of Saudi Arabia to these countries.

6 – Everyone who returned from one of the European countries or any country where the new strain of coronavirus (Covid-19) appeared would remain in;

  • Home isolation for a period of Two weeks from the date of his arrival to the Kingdom.
  • Perform an examination for the new Coronavirus (Covid 19) during his isolation period, with repeated examination every five days.

7 – Anyone who returned from or passed through a European country or any country where the new strain of coronavirus (Covid-19) appeared during the past three months must conduct an examination for the emerging coronavirus (Covid 19). 

Source: SPA

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