Saudi Arabia executed 81 people in one day

Saudi Arabia executed 81 people on March 12, 2022, on different charges. This is the largest known mass execution carried out in Saudi Arabia in its modern history.

  • Saudi Arabia executions in 2023: 170.
  • Saudi Arabia executions in 2022: 147.
  • Saudi Arabia executions in 2021: 67.
  • Saudi Arabia executions in 2020: 27.
  • Saudi Arabia executions in 2019: 37.

37 people were executed in one case

37 people out of 81 were executed in a single case for attempting to assassinate security officers and targeting police stations and convoys.

It also includes twin Saudi brothers who killed their mother in Riyadh in June 2016.

These criminals were convicted of several crimes including terrorism and murdering innocent men, women, and children.

In order to contest their cases, they were provided with an attorney and were guaranteed their full rights under Saudi law.

Don’t get beheaded

Every year, many people are beheaded in Saudi Arabia for smuggling drugs into the country. If you go into detail, most of them are villagers coming from developing countries.

The traffickers who are most of the time their friends request these innocent villagers to carry a parcel to be delivered to someone else in Saudi Arabia. They carry these items without checking in detail and then get caught at Saudi airports.

Saudi laws are pretty clear that he would be executed if someone is caught bringing drugs to the country. Be careful!

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