Saudi Arabia enters the 3rd phase of COVID-19 Testing

Saudi Arabia was one of those countries which took the COVID-19 pandemic very seriously. In this first and second phase of the testing, the Ministry of Health took aggressive action with the massive door to door testing.

As a result of that, the number of new coronavirus cases that were in the range of 2,500 to 3,000 cases a day has reduced significantly and it is expected to further go down.

3rd phase of the testing

The Ministry of Health has now assured that the country has entered the 3rd phase of the testing where the implementation of expanded checkups would be done in order to access the spread rate of the novel virus in a better and precise manner.

The two-stage expanded checkup shall be first made practical in Makkah and Madinah. In the following week, it shall be implemented in Riyadh and then the other areas and cities of the Kingdom shall be targeted.

5636 Saudi Arabia enters the 3rd phase of COVID-19 Testing

COVID19 testing inside the car

The 3rd phase checkups won’t be extended to houses, indoor checkups are excluded in this phase. Rather, people who want to test themselves can book an appointment for the medical care center or go to the dedicated centers where they would be tested while sitting in the car.

Checkups shall be done at the medical care centers. The residents and citizens can install Sehaty application for prior online booking and to avoid any hassle.

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