Saudi Arabia cuts down relations with Canada – expels their ambassador

24 Hours for Canadian Ambassador to leave the country: In a recent development on Monday, August 6, 2018, Saudi Arabia has declared the ambassador of Canada persona non grata which means his entry to Saudi Arabia will be prohibited.

He has been given 24 hours to leave the country by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The statement was made on the official twitter account of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Saudi Arabia.

Saudi Arabia calls back its ambassador from Canada: The ministry of foreign affairs of Saudi Arabia is also making arrangement to call back its ambassador to Ottawa immediately.

Saudi Airlines suspends flight operations to and from Canada: Saudi Airlines has also announced that they have stopped all the flight operations from and to Canada. As a result, it is expected that Air Canada will also have to stop their operations in Saudi Arabia.

Saudi Arabia stops all scholarship programs in Canada: The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has stopped all the scholarship, training and fellowship programs to Canada. The Saudi scholarship students there will be transferred to other countries. There are around 8,000 Saudi students studying there.

All Business Transaction with Canada will be frozen: Moreover, the Saudi Arabian government has also issued a statement in the Saudi Press Agency that they are going to freeze all new businesses and investment transactions with Canada. They will not stop here and will be considering any further action in this regard.

The Canadian position is an attack on Saudi Arabia that requires a firm stance towards it. The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia expresses its absolute and categorical rejection of the position of the Canadian government.

Why did it happen? It all started with an irresponsible tweet by the Canadian Foreign Minister upon the arrest of civil society activist Samar Badawi. Canada has been pressing the Kingdom to release her immediately.

Samar Badawi was arrested last week by the Saudi government. She is the sister of Raif Badawi, an Internet User who was Jailed for 10 Years.

It is important to mention that it is an internal matter of Saudi Arabia and no outside country should interfere in it. Saudi Arabia has never accepted any kind of interference in its internal affairs by any country whatsoever.

The legitimate rights (of those arrested) have not been denied and they were provided with all guarantees during the investigation and trial stages. 

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False Claims by Canada: The arrests have been done in accordance with the applicable rules and regulations of Saudi Arabia. This negative and surprising position from Canada is totally false.

Bahrain Supports Saudi Arabia: After the official statement issued by the Saudi government, Bahrain a neighboring Muslim country and one of the GCC members has come out to support Saudi Arabia. They are standing by the side of Saudi Arabia and approve all the steps taken by the Saudi Government.

This is not the first time: This is not the first time the Saudi government has taken strong measures against a country who tried to invade in their internal affairs. During the month of June 2017, Saudi Arabia terminated all relations with Qatar and the Qatar Blockade by 5,6 countries is still going on.

Impact on Expatriates in Saudi Arabia: This cut down in the relationship between Canada and Saudi Arabia will have a negative impact on the Saudi and expatriate community who want to apply for Canadian Immigration or their cases are already in the loop.

Moreover, if the Canadian government decides to discontinue its embassy operations in Saudi Arabia, the non-immigrant visas will also be suspended. 

Saudi Canada Trade Relation: So far this year, Canada has exported C$1.4 billion ($1.08 billion) in merchandise goods to Saudi Arabia and imported C$2 billion in imports, leaving it with a cumulative year-to-date trade deficit with the kingdom of about C$640 million, according to Statistics Canada data

Source: Arab News

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