Saudi Arabia cancels all international flights for 2 weeks

With the increasing number of coronavirus cases, Saudi Arabia has been taking extreme measures to stop the spread of this virus. In this regard, Saudi Arabia has suspended all international flights starting from March 15 for a period of 2 weeks. 

It is important to note that it is different from the ban imposed on international flights from 50 countries in Saudi Arabia as this time they are locking down the entire country for two weeks.

The last flight

The last flight to land or depart from Saudi Arabia will be at 11 am on the 15th of March. Some flights would only be allowed in “exceptional cases” during the two-week period, the ministry said.

What about Iqama holders?

For residents who cannot come back during this period, it will be considered as an official holiday. It means that even if their exit reentry expires, they will be given an option to extend it online.

The Saudi government will arrange for the arrival of citizens who wish to return, and the relevant procedures will be soon announced, the statement added.

What about tourist and family visa holders?

People who are in Saudi Arabia on a tourist or a family visit visa will not be able to extend their visas after their stay for 90 and 180 days respectively. As per the rules, fines will be imposed on them.

However, there is a high expectation that this fine will be removed as they stayed in the country by force, not by choice. We can just hope that we would be able to control this epidemic after the lockdown of 15 days. Otherwise, the lockdown could be extended.

The total number of coronavirus cases in Saudi Arabia has reached 86 and most of the cases are those who have traveled with international flights.

Earlier this week, Saudi Arabia suspended events in wedding halls, rest houses, event venues, and hotels.

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