Saudi Arabia blacklists 19 people, frozen bank accounts

Saudi Arabia has blacklisted 19 individuals and companies and frozen their assets including bank accounts for financing terrorist activities by supporting Houthis under Royal Decree No. (M/21) dated 12/2/1439 AH.

What happened to them?

Saudi Arabia has frozen all the assets of the following people including bank accounts.

  • It is prohibited to carry out any direct or indirect dealing with them.
  • Strict measures would be taken if anyone is found dealing with them.

List of Blacklisted Individuals

Saudi Arabia and the U.S. treasury department finalized the following 8 names to be blacklisted which includes many expats.

1- Salih bin Muhammad bin Hamad bin Shaja (Yemeni).

2- Nabil bin Abdullah bin Ali Al-Wazir (Yemeni).

3- Ismail bin Ibrahim Al-Wazir (Yemeni).

4- Qusay bin Ibrahim Al-Wazir (Yemeni).

5- Ali bin Nasser Qarsha (Yemeni).

6- Zaid bin Ali bin Yahya Al-Sharafi (Yemeni).

7- Abdullah bin Abkar Abdul Bari (Yemeni).

8- Saddam bin Ahmed bin Muhammad Al-Faqih (Yemeni).

List of Blacklisted Establishments

The following 11 establishments are also blacklisted for the same charges;

9- Sam Oil Company for Trading and Oil Services Ltd.

10- Al-Zahraa Corporation for Trade and Agencies.

11- Yemen Towers Company and the Black Gold Company.

12- Fuel Oil Company for importing.

13- Salm Road Company for Trade and Import.

14- Abkar Oil Services Company.

15- Al-Faqih International Company for Trade, Industry, and Oil Services Limited.

16- Saba International Tobacco Company Limited.

17- Oil Primer Company.

18- Yemen Abbott Trading Co. Ltd.

19- Sahara Exchange and Money Transfer Company.

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