Saudi Arabia bans taxis, domestic flights, trains, buses

In order to protect the nation from the deadly and contagious coronavirus, the Saudi government has imposed a temporary ban on all domestic flights, buses, taxis, and trains for 14 days starting from Saturday, Mar 21.

What about company transportation buses?

It is important to mention that buses belonging to government agencies or public or private health facilities, and commercial establishments transporting their employees, or those that are used for health, humanitarian or security purposes are exempted from the ban.

Only flights related to humanitarian causes, medical evacuation aircraft, and private aviation would be provided the necessary permits issued by the General Authority of Civil Aviation (GACA),” the source said.

How about Uber, Careem and other Taxis?

It is clearly written in the order that the ban is imposed on taxi service. The taxi service includes the taxi available on roads as well as all online taxi services such as Uber, Careem and Easy Taxi.

How long the ban will continue?

Saudi Arabia has already banned all international flights from Saudi Arabia for a period of 2 weeks starting from March 15.

The current measure of suspending domestic flights for a period of two weeks gives the impression that the ban on international flights will be extended further.

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