Saudi Arabia bans Tablighi Jamat in the Kingdom

Saudi Arabia has banned Tablighi Jamat in the country calling it a “danger to society” and “one of the gates of terrorism“.

The Saudi Minister of Islamic Affairs Dr. Abdullatif Alsheikh directed the mosques that held Friday prayers to allocate the next Friday sermon to warn against the Tablighi Jamat and Da’wah group.

Why Tablighi Jamat is banned in Saudi Arabia?

He requested the Imams to include the following topics in the Friday sermon with regards to the Tablighi Jamat;

1- Declaration of the misguidance, deviation, and danger of this group, and that it is one of the gates of terrorism, even if they claim otherwise.

2- Mention their most prominent mistakes.

3- Mention their danger to society.

4- Statement that affiliation with partisan groups, including the Tablighi and Da’wah Group is banned in Saudi Arabia.

What is Tablighi Jamat?

Tablighi Jamaat is a Sunni Islamic missionary movement that focuses on encouraging Muslims to follow the pure form of Sunni Islam.

  • Tablighi = Preacher.
  • Jamat = Group.

They claim to send different groups of people (called Jamat) around the world to different mosques to preach to others about Islam.

Saudi Arabia bans Tablighi Jamat

Saudi Ministry of Islamic Affairs Statement

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