Saudi Arabia bans arrest of under-18 unless caught red-handed

According to the local newspaper, the arrest of juveniles (under 18) will be banned in Saudi Arabia unless caught red-handed.

No more arrest of under 18

King Salman approved the Juvenile Law in 2018 which already consisted of 13 legal articles. Perhaps the new changes in the Law were required after the announcement of dropping the death sentence for criminals and minors under 18 years of age.

Guardian to be informed immediately

According to the new law, the guardian or the representative of the juvenile will be notified after catching him red-handed.

After reporting the guardian, the juvenile crime report shall be prepared with all the necessary data. The culprit should be taken to the juvenile home immediately after his arrest.

No Chains or Handcuffs

Besides this, according to the law, the use of chains and shackles will not be allowed while arresting a juvenile. It would be only allowed in cases of resistance.

Source: Al Arabiya

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