What is Saudi Airlines Baggage Allowance weight?

Saudi Airlines has recently changed the baggage allowance weight for its international economy class which has caused a lot of confusion among passengers. We have mentioned Saudi Airlines’ extra baggage 23 kg price below.

Baggage Allowance – Economy

Saudi Airlines offers a minimum baggage allowance of 23 kg in weight in its international and domestic economy class. However, you can also book a flight with 2 bags at the time of booking.

If you select one bag, your baggage allowance will be 23 kg. If you select two bags, your baggage allowance will be 2X23 = 46 kg.

Keep in mind that even if you take 2 bags, the weight in one bag cannot exceed 23 kg even if you are ready to pay an extra price for that.

Baggage Allowance – Business

The Saudi Airlines baggage allowance limit for the first and business class passengers of international flights is 2 bags or pieces of 32 Kg each.

It means that you can carry 2X32 = 64 Kg while traveling in Business class. However, the weight in one bag should not exceed 32 Kg.

A patient with renal failure can carry a bag of 32 Kg on a Saudi Airlines flight in addition to the standard baggage allowance explained above. However, the patient will have to produce a medical certificate duly stamped by the hospital to warrant the medical issue.

Handcarry Allowance

Saudi Airlines allows its passengers the allowance for hand-carrying up to 7 kg. The carry-on size limit for Saudi airlines is 22 x 14 x 9 inches.

Extra baggage price

If your luggage exceeds the Saudi Airlines baggage allowance, you will be charged baggage fees for each additional bag you carry. The price for the extra baggage varies from flight to flight.

It is always better to book the extra baggage at the time of booking the ticket. It will cost the cheapest then. As you can see below, Saudi Airlines charges only SR 50 for an additional bag of 23 kg from Jeddah to Karachi.

If you could not book baggage while booking the flight, you can still prepay it at a discounted rate through this link.

However, if you do not book the excess baggage in any of the ways explained above, Saudi Airlines will charge you from SR 390 to 565 for each 23 kg bag.

Baggage size for international flights

The standard baggage size for all Saudi Airlines bags should not exceed 62 inches or 158 cm for International and domestic flights irrespective of the baggage allowance available to the passenger.

If a piece’s dimensions exceed 158 cm but are less than 205 cm, Saudi Airlines will charge SR 375 for it.

If the dimensions of a piece exceed (205 cm), Saudi Airlines will charge SR 626 for it.

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