Saudi Airlines arrested a gang stealing from passengers

Mansour Al-Bader, who is the director of media and public relations in Saudi Airlines stated that their crew successfully highlighted three robbery attempts.

These three robbery attempts failed and were caught at the perfect time at different points.

Recently, Saudi Arabian Airline Flight SV567 noticed a Chinese passenger engaged in suspicious activity as he just moved around the cabin and went to the toilet many times repeatedly.

When the flight prepared for landing, a flight attendant examined the Chinese passenger, which was trying to grab the bag of another passenger. The attendant instantly alarmed the passenger and informed the pilot.

The pilot mentioned to the control tower to ensure security measures on the arrival of the plane at the gate. The Police took him into custody as he reached the airport.

Another similar incident happened on Flight SV576 where a thief was caught stealing an amount of $2,000 from a young Sudanese passenger.

Police detained the thief and the passenger offered a bonus to the flight attendant of SV576 for helping him out but the flight attendant refused.

Source: Arab News

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