Saudi actor paid SR 250,000 blood money to release a Pakistani driver from Jail

A very strange and amazing incident happened in Saudi Arabia. A kind-hearted Saudi who kept his identity confidential helped a Pakistani Truck Driver who was jailed in Saudi Arabia for his involvement in a road accident that killed Military personnel in Taif.

Rustam Khan, a truck driver, who lost all his hopes to free himself from the prison because he barely makes his ends meet, he was required to pay SR250,000 as blood money.

Khan, who was already living a very miserable life in Pakistan, decided to move to Saudi Arabia to earn a good living for his family but unfortunately, all his hopes turned into darkness when he met an accident in Taif.

After spending a year in prison he desperately posted a video on social media offering to sell his Kidney to collect the amount to pay blood money. He emotionally pleaded someone to help him.

Soon a light shone at the end of the black tunnel when another video appeared on social media in which Saudi Actor Fayez Al-Malki announced that a Samaritan who decided to pay the total amount of blood money on behalf of Rustam Khan.

Such a gesture act by the Saudi citizen. He not only paid the amount the blood money but also aided Rustam Khan with an extra amount of SR 5,000. Masha Allah, I have never seen such humble act before. Insha Allah, the man will get a good reward from Allah.

In that video, it is seen Al-Malki counting and handling the money to Rustam Khan’s kin. It was reported that the parents of the victims did not want to take the money so it went to the heirs of the military personnel.

This is not the first time Saudis came forward to help the expat workers. We heard about an Indian worker who worked in the farms of Najran, killed a Saudi during a fight and spent his eight long years behind the bars. He was waiting for his execution.

Just a few days before his execution, a Saudi businessman met the family of the victim and enticed to pardon the killer by offering them SR1.3 million. These two were very lucky who were helped by a Saudi Citizen.

I have heard about Zahir Hussain who is still behind the bars in Saudi Arabia since 2013. He left his country in 2013 and the same year his truck collided with the car and killed four Saudi citizens.

He is required to pay SR 1.3 million as blood money to the victim’s family. His poor family pleaded the Pakistani Government but unfortunately, no ray of hope appeared ever since.

His father died, his mother is a heart patient, his four children are waiting for their father, every day his wife wakes up in a hope that her husband will arrive but the situation is much worse than before as said by his wife they still have not even paid the loan that was taken by Zahir to arrange for his ticket and Visa.

At last, I should insist all the drivers in Saudi Arabia to have a valid insurance. The Saudi government is trying its best to be just with all the Saudi residents including expats but people are very careless.

Every vehicle and driver should be insured for at least damage caused to the Third Party. If anything unusual happened, the Third Party Insurance will pay the blood money up to SR 10 million.

Source: Khaleej Times

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