Saudi actor paid SR 250,000 blood money to release a Pakistani

Rustam Khan, a truck driver, lost all his hopes to free himself from prison because he was required to pay SR 250,000 as blood money.

Khan, who was already living a very miserable life in Pakistan, decided to move to Saudi Arabia to earn a good living for his family but unfortunately, all his hopes turned into darkness when he met an accident in Taif.

After spending a year in prison he desperately posted a video on social media offering to sell his Kidney to collect the amount to pay blood money. He emotionally pleaded with someone to help him.

Soon a Saudi Actor Fayez Al-Malki announced that he will pay the total amount of blood money on behalf of Rustam Khan.

He not only paid the amount the blood money but also aided Rustam Khan with an extra amount of SR 5,000. 

In that video, it is seen Al-Malki counting and handling the money to the legal heirs of the deceased person.

At last, I should insist all the drivers in Saudi Arabia have valid insurance. If anything unusual happened, the Third Party Insurance will pay the blood money up to SR 10 million.

Source: Khaleej Times

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