Saudi Actor arrested by HAIA for taking pictures with women in a mall in Riyadh

A person who is well-known for the efforts of members of the commission for the promotion of virtue and the prevention of the vice (HAIA) is none other but an actor who lives in the gulf country. He is highly praised by all for all his hard work. However, it is believed that this actor is just trying to win more fans and is playing with the feelings of the Saudi people. Besides working as a member for HAIA, this actor is also famous for the bold issues he talks about openly along with his snap chat videos.[irp]

This actor was recently seen in a mall in Riyadh, where his fans were already updated about his arrival. Many women and other shoppers recognized him in the mall and were seen taking pictures. Many women were also seen taking selfies with him. While busy taking pictures, the members of HAIA appeared from nowhere and arrested him. His thinking of never being caught by the HAIA simply left him shocked and speechless. Shams, a Kuwaiti singer was seen the other day on a TV show, where she was seen in convincing people that women in Saudi should be allowed to drive and was extremely shocked to hear that they were banned from doing so.

Of course, they did not say this because they love Saudi women. She only said it to annoy an Emirati female singer, Ahlam, who was her rival. Since Ahlam was against allowing Saudi women to drive, Shams, therefore, opposed her on the live TV show. Whatever their reason was, they have no right to interfere in our matters. It is quite sure that their main aim is only to win popularity and play with the feelings of the Saudi people.

We cannot be so innocent that we don’t even see what these people are trying to play with us. Their main aim is only to poke their noses in our smallest affairs even if it is about hockey. Why can’t we see any Saudi actors talk about these matters about women or any other controversial issue in our society? Why do we always see non-Saudis who are so concerned about us?

Nasser-al qasabi, one of the biggest stars was seen to be talking about Daesh (the self-proclaimed IS), on a live TV show and spoke only about their terrorism and was seen to draw realistic paintings too. He should raise such issues actively on social media.[irp]

Educated Saudi actors and actresses can have a positive impact on the Saudi people only if they are given proper chance. Every individual Saudi should give them a chance so that no outsider is seen interfering in our issues. Every country across the world has its own problems that need to be solved. Therefore, before interfering in our issues, it is advisable to first solve the issues of their own countries. We are still strong enough to find our solutions if we face any problem or issues that need a solution.

Source: Saudi Gazette

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