What is the Satar for Men and Women in Islam?

When it comes towards spreading Islamic knowledge, we ought to be very careful. We need to make sure that we are guiding our brothers and sisters rightly. Spreading wrong Islamic information is a great sin and may Allah keep us all away from it.

We have seen that many Muslim men and women are not aware of what satar really means. They want guidance about what does satar means in Islam. Whether Satar is different for males and females?

What is the meaning of Satar?

Satar is an Arabic word. The word addresses towards the thing that is hidden or which shall be necessarily be made hidden. Usually, the word is used to refer those parts of the body that shall be covered up by Muslims. 

A believer is obliged to cover his Satar; this means that Muslims shall necessarily cover up their body parts that come under the definition of Satar. The Satar of men is different from women.

The men and women cannot show off their body parts that constitute of Satar to anyone else except their married partners. There is no rule of Satar applied among husband and wife. Now, one thing is to be made clear here is that the male Satar differs from females.

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What is the Satar for Men in Islam?

The male Satar starts from the navel and end at the knees. This means that all believing men are to cover themselves up from navel to knees (knees shall be covered up as well). Males cannot uncover their Satar in front of another male.

You might have seen people wearing shorts in a way that some parts of their thighs are revealed. We need to understand that men are not allowed to reveal thighs in public. It is a sin to reveal your Satar to anyone apart from your spouse.

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What is the Satar for Women in Islam?

However, the Satar of believing women is different. The women cannot show any part of her body to a non-mahram male. A woman shall be covered up in front of a non-mahram.

On this point, there are two set of opinions. According to one group of scholars, women are not obliged to cover their face, hands, and eyes. Yet the other group of scholars believes that face shall be covered up. Women can only display their hands.

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Satar of Women in front of Mahram

A woman is to cover herself up from breast to knees in front of her male-mahrams and other women. So the Satar of women in front of mahram relatives and other women is different. Yet as I said before, there is no Satar between husband and wife.

We hope that the confusions regarding Satar have been made clear here. We try our best to put forward authentic Islamic information. Only Allah knows the best and may He guide us towards the right path as only those get guidance that is blessed by Allah.  May Allah bless us all with Guidance! Ameen!

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