Sarah Al Wadani: Saudi makeup artist talks about her bra size in this viral video

Social Media is like a terminator; one mistake while handling it and you cause damage beyond repair. Your words may be erased but they leave a trace, one can remove their pictures after upload but the screenshots prevail somewhere in someone else’s phone or device.

One mistake can cause you troubles: Likewise, the videos can be downloaded and saved. Each and every word shall be measured. You might be wondering why I am trying to revive you to social media.

This is because a similar mistake was occurred by a celebrity that changed her life the people who loved her and wished to meet her totally changed their mind upon her.

Private Video on Public Profile: I am talking about a popular Saudi make-up artist and social media personality Sarah al Wadani who recently posted a video clip on social media that caused a stir in the Arab world.

Sarah Al Wadani was going to post her private video on her personal Snapchat account but unintentionally or mistakenly her video got posted on her public account. She was able to delete the video soon after a minute but one of her followers managed to download it as soon as it was posted.

The breast has grown too big: In that video, the celebrity is heard talking about her breast size and bra. She made a video while saying that her breast has grown too big and she needed to buy new bras for her.

This video clip was uploaded on Twitter where it went viral and caused a controversy among the people of the Kingdom.

Publicity Stunt: One of the social media users said that nowadays people are trying to react too childish and pathetic for making melancholic hashtags every day just trying to bring some matter out even when the matter is not too big.

Although Sarah AL-Wadani made a statement in her defense, people still reacted angrily and criticized and attacked her.

Another Statement: Sarah Al-Wadani came forward in her defense and posted a statement on social media for her fans and people of her country that she made that video to post on her private account but it was mistakenly posted on her public account and she deleted it just after a minute.

“To those I love, who love me back, there's a video that went viral yesterday… I meant to share it through my private Snapchat account but it was posted on my public one by mistake. I deleted it just a minute after it was uploaded. Anyways, I just wanted to clarify that it was unintentional. Those who are wise already figured that out because they know who I am and what my boundaries are.”


She cleared her issue of the video and demanded her lovers to understand her as it was posted unintentionally though her fans know what type of person she is and what her boundaries are.

Some accused her of lying about posting the video. Some people defended her while others attacked those who defended her saying to stop being open-minded in this matter and why should a girl tell her friends that she needs new bras? Some people went too far and reported her to the authorities.

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