Sali Hafez robs a bank for a cancer patient

A Lebanese woman, Sali Hafez robbed a bank with a toy gun in Beirut for her sister suffering from cancer.

Why did she rob the bank?

Due to the recent economic turmoil in Lebanon, the bank is refusing to return the deposits made by individuals in their own bank accounts.

Sali Hafez needed $13,000 for the treatment of her sister suffering from cancer while the bank was allowing her to withdraw only $200 a month.

Sister’s Condition

Her sister is dying in front of her and the bank is not giving her, her own money. The bank has stolen her money, she says in despair. She has nothing to lose and thus made this decision.

The Robbery

After several attempts to withdraw money in a legal way, she took a toy gun from her nephew and held the bank staff hostage.

Sali Hafez filmed herself robbing the bank account and the video went live on Facebook.

Finally, she has withdrawn her $13,000 from a total of $20,000 in her bank. She wants to save the life of her sister and is willing to sell off her kidney for it.

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