What is the salary of street cleaners in Saudi Arabia?

We often see street cleaners working under 45C temperature in Saudi Arabia, ever wondered what is their salary? Here is a brief about it.

Street cleaners are often seen taking donations from different people and that is because their salary is too low.

There are 285 municipalities in Saudi Arabia and each one offers a different salary package to its street cleaners.

What is the salary of street cleaners in Saudi Arabia?

According to a survey, the average salary of the cleaners in Saudi Arabia is SR 510.

  • Al Ahsa pays the highest salary of SR 750/month.
  • Riyadh and Hafar Al-Batin pays the lowest salary of SR 350/month.

This survey took responses from 58 cleaners across Dammam, Qatif, Al-Ahsa, Hafar Al-Batin, Jeddah, Al Baha and Al Qurayyat.

The cleaners claim that they can only cover the cost of food with their nominal salaries, for the rest of the expenses, they are often forced to beg. Netizens believe that the authorities should take notice of this.

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