How your nationality impacts the Salary in Saudi Arabia?

Many of you might have seen people from different countries, doing the same job, receiving different salaries. The system of wages in Saudi Arabia is largely based on the color of the passport.

This is applicable to all companies that hire foreign workers. However, despite their high salaries, most westerners run away from their Saudi employers.

The impact of Nationality on your Salary package

In the Kingdom, a nurse with 2 years of experience and one with 30 years of experience earn the same salary if the former has a western passport. The only thing which matters is the color of your passport.

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For instance, an Indian with a British passport will earn a fatter paycheck, than other Indians in Saudi Arabia. We have compiled a table 

We have compiled a table depicting the average salaries of nurses with different passports based on our experience. 

PassportBasic monthly salary (SAUDI RIYAL)
Indian & Pakistanis2500
South African7000
Arabs (Jordan, Lebanon etc.)10000
European (German, British etc.)16000
Canada, America and Australia18000

So, we can conclude that Asian passport holders are the lowest-earning and Canadian and American passport holders earn the most.

It is also reportedly based on the quality of education received by western nurses in comparison to Asian nurses.

It is also extremely unfair to pay one employee tenfold of what you are paying another employee just based on their nationalities.  Salary should be only based on performance and experience. 

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