Has Sahoo Bint Abdullah married her Pakistani driver?

A video has been in circulation on social media with a claim that Sahoo Bint Abdullah Al-Mahboub, a Saudi billionaire lady has married her Pakistani driver.

Claim of the video

Sahoo Bint Abdullah Al-Mahboub is a Businesswoman whose wealth is estimated at 8 billion$. She owns residential properties and hotels a lot in Mecca and Medina, as well as towers in France and others. She marries her Pakistani driver.

Who is Sahoo bint Abdullah?

There is no news of Sahoo Bint Abdullah Al-Mahboub on the internet. Her name is not on the Forbes list of billionaires. 

In fact, according to the BBC, the lady in the video is Yasmin bint Mishal Al Sadri and she is a writer by profession. At least, it is confirmed that the woman is a Saudi lady.

Who is the driver a Pakistani or Afghani?

The video was shared for the first time on a Twitter account with the caption that “Yasmin bint Mishal Al Sadri wrote a book about Afghanistan.” 

Sahoo Bint Abdullah Al-Mahboub married a Pakistani driverAccording to that tweet, she has married her Afghani driver. Therefore, there is another false statement in the claim that Sahoo Bint Abdullah Al-Mahboub married her Pakistani driver as the driver is actually an Afghan.

How difficult it is to marry a Saudi woman?

We have shared several articles before explaining the procedure to marry a Saudi girl. If you read them, you will get to know that it is not that easy to marry a Saudi girl.

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