Allah has already paid off your debt, keep this money

Prophet Muhammad ﷺ told that once one Israeli man lent 1,000 dinars to another in the presence of no one making Allah ﷻ the only witness.

The repayment time came

The man who had taken the money went across the sea in search of work. By the time his work was done the mutually agreed time was to expire soon. He searched for means to go back yet couldn’t find any.

He was helpless, the days went fast and it was time the money should have returned back to the lender.

He paid the debt to the ocean

He thereby took a piece of wood and made a hole wide enough to put in 1000 dinars. He then sealed that wood tightly while placing a letter for the Israeli man and threw it in the ocean.

He pleaded to Allah he had tried hard to find any means to go back and return him his money yet is unable to do so. He again started to search for a means to go back to the lender’s place.

The lender received the money

Meanwhile, one day the creditor went towards the shore to see a ship approaching. He got his eyes on a piece of wood sailing in the sea. He took it along so that it could be used for fire purposes.

However, when he examined it at home, he discovered a letter and 1000 dinars in it.

Allah has already paid off your debt

A few days later the debtor appeared with 1000 dinars and asked for forgiveness for his late arrival as he could not find any means to return.

The creditor smiled and said that Allah has sent the money on your behalf to me in a piece of wood, so you may keep these 1000 dinars with you and leave for your destination.

Source: Sahih al-Bukhari 2291

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