7 Running Tracks in Riyadh

Those who love running know how much important it is to have a smooth and great track. If you are living in Riyadh, the beautiful capital, you must know about these top 7 running 🏃‍♀️ tracks!

Al Malqa Walk

Do you want to go for a run where nature occupies you? Al Malqa Walk running experience will let you dwell in nature, be carefree, and have the most relaxing run ever in Riyadh.

It is located in the neighborhood so you can enjoy the run on the go! The best part is that it is open around the day, so even if you are a night owl, you can enjoy a peaceful run!

DQ Running Track

The Diplomatic Quarter’s track is one of the most popular running tracks in Riyadh. Enjoyed by locals and foreigners, this is one of the most sophisticated tracks ever. They are also known as the “Earth Berm”.

It is located along the highway on the east side of the quarter. The fine gravel tracks carved within the green rich bed of grass, trees, and flowers let you enjoy some quality time with yourself and your health. It is open 24 hours.

King Abdullah Park

Being one of the largest parks in Riyadh, King Abdullah Park offers one of the best running tracks in the city. The huge tracks, which are indeed one of the finest tracks in Riyadh allow one to challenge their stamina. The track is embedded in an area of 318,000 square meters.

You can enjoy amazing water fountain shows, green landscapes, and stunningly vast gardens. 

King Abdullah Walkway

King Abdullah Walkway in Prince Sultan University is among Riyadh’s first walkways which is laid in the surrounding of a private university. You can witness people of all ages enjoying a run there.

It also leads to the King Abdullah Flower Path. You should stop there to get refreshed with floral delights. You can visit it any time as it is open around the clock!

King Fahd Medical City

Riyadh not only hosts the largest medical facility in the Kingdom, but it also has the finest tracks. It is 3.4 kilometers long. You can run and then enjoy the lush green views while enjoying on a bench.

You can also avail the gym equipment if you want the extra spark in the health routine.

King Saud University

Want to experience one of the longest tracks in Riyadh? Then you should head to King Saud University. You should wear fine jogging shoes and be motivated to run on a long track.

You can also enjoy the pathways which are surrounding the University if you want to have an elongated track.

Wadi Hanifah

Well, we don’t wish to end our list here, But the Wadi Hanifah needs a special mention. Wadi Hanifah is a humble valley spread across 120 kilometers.

It is filled with exciting tracks and not forget the 210-step staircase. Which is best for the cardio? Enjoy the scenic view with a great running experience at any time you want to.

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