Rules related to Sick Leave in Saudi Arabia

Many people do not know that the Saudi Labor Law allows an ill employee to take sick leave for a period of 4 months in Saudi Arabia. The distribution of 4 months sick leave will be the following;

  • The first month will be fully paid.
  • The next two months will be paid at 75% of the total salary.
  • The fourth month will be unpaid.

sick leave in saudi arabiaHowever, in order to avail of the sick leave in Saudi Arabia, the worker will have to bring a certificate from a doctor to warrant his sickness. Recommended: 10 Types of Leaves in Saudi Labor Law

  • If an employee wants to join the sick leave with his annual leave, he is entitled to do it as per Article 82 of Saudi Labor Law.
  • An employer cannot terminate his employee who is on sick leave before completing the 4 months period as per Article 82.
  • In case of any conflict between the company policy and the Saudi Labor Law, the law will prevail.

An employee infected with coronavirus is entitled to 10 days of sick leave in Saudi Arabia.

Some years ago, it was quite easy to take a fake illness certificate from a hospital or clinic in Saudi Arabia to apply for sick leave. However, this is not the case anymore after the strict actions taken by the government.

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